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home essential cleaning


Are you looking for the carpet cleaners, Then your hunt is over here. Home essential is the one stop shop to hire the best carpet cleaning services in Auckland to satisfy all your cleaning requirements. We all know how hard to remove the stubborn stain from the carpet and how much energy it requires to clean it. We offer professional carpet cleaning Auckland to keep your carpet fresh and clean. Our Auckland experts carpet cleaners have all the necessary skills and equipment’s to free your carpet from dirt and debris.

Dirty and unpleasant carpet can ruin the elegance of your home and even grab lots of bacteria as well that can make you sick for a long time. Thus it is important to keep it clean every time. So, if your carpet also has stubborn stains then contact our carpet cleaning experts that can remove such stains with our exclusive carpet cleaning process. We would love to assist you for your heaven maintenance.

  • Our carpet cleaning process includes:

  • Pre-Inspection The pre-inspection process require a walk-through visual checking, identify of potential stains and an evaluation of  carpet cleaning requirements.
  • Pre-Spray – Because there are stains that vacuum cleaners cannot suck out (oil and stubborn greases etc), so we apply alkaline pre-spray to suspend and loosen such spots. A professional rake is used to agitate the spray in your carpet (depends on the type of individual carpet).
  • Cleaning and Extract – We use heavy duty 500 psi commercial machine /steam cleaning procedure that cleans your carpet to its backing (to remove chemicals, pollen and bacteria). A PH balancing carpet cleaning chemical is applied by using an industrial carpet cleaning machine for maximum residue and dirt removal from your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Prices:

1-2 Bedrooms and 1 Living Area and hallway: $80
3-Bedrooms and 1 Living Area and hallway: $95
4-Bedrooms and 1 Living Area and hallway: $120
5-Bedrooms and 1 Living Area and hallway: $160
6-Bedrooms and 1 Living Area and hallway: $195

Note-: Extra services at this cost are only available if you buy Carpet Cleaning service. Although we do our best to treat spots, some stains cannot be removed successfully. It depends on the type of stains, carpet, the age of the stain.

We prefer if space is empty for carpet cleaning. We will move only light furniture, however sofa, beds and heavy furniture are the customers responsibility to move, Parking (where not available) will be at the customer’s responsibility.


home essential cleaning