Move Out FAQ

Do I need to do cleaning?

Yes, if you do not leave the property in a tidy or clean condition you may lose your bond deposit. The estate agent or Owner will keep your deposit in order to pay their cleaning company to Clean Property

Do you Guarantee we will get your Bond back?

Only if its in regards to the cleaning we provided. We can’t guarantee your deposit back if you have damaged something for example. If there is a issue with the cleaning services we will, of course, return and re do the area in question, free of cost. We gives 72 hours of guarantee period after a clean day to your landlord or to the estate agent to come back to you if they have any cleaning issue.

How do I book?

There are many ways to book us, the best way is from the website (Fill Move Out the Form), can book under Contact us tab, you can book over the phone {022 019 0099}, Via email, {}

What is End of Tenancy Cleaning?

When the Tenant or Owner are moving out or in from a property, they will need a deep cleaning (Thorough cleaning) of the property. So it’s re presentable to the tenants or owners.

Do you clean in my geographic region/area?

Our services are available in the Auckland Region, Christchurch and Wellington.

Do you provide the cleaning gears?

Yes,  Our Cleaner will come with the Best Materials & Equipments.

How do I pay?

Home Essential is a cashless company. We have Credit card facility to our customers without any extra charge. Our payment methods are fully encrypted to provide 100% safety to you. You can do bank transfer as well. The customer has to make the payment 48 hours before the booking date.

Do you have guarantee, If I am unhappy?

Yes, If any reason, you, your landlord or your Estate agent are not happy with services g, we will of course return free of charge and redo it. We provide 72 hours of guarantee period after a clean day to your landlord or to the estate agent to come back to you if they have any cleaning issue.

When are you available ?

We are Very flexible, we can do a clean on short notice too, our start times are from 08:00- Late if needed. We work on Weekends and All bank holidays for no extra charges.

Do you have cancellation fees ?

A 24-hour notice required if the Customer wishes to Cancel, Re-Schedule a Booking. The Customer Agrees to pay $40 of the Total if He/She wants to Cancel or reschedule less than 24 hours prior to the Scheduled Appointment.

Is the oven included in the checklist ?

Yes. The Oven Cleaning is a very important part of the End of Lease Cleaning, We put a lot of focus on the Oven.

Do you degrease the kitchen appliances ?

Yes, using special products we de-grease all appliances, cupboards, wall tiles, extractor, hobs etc.Customer agrees to Pay Full Price.

Do you clean window glasses ?

Yes, We do clean window glasses inside and outside where possible and safe.

Is carpet shampoo is included in the Quote ?

Yes, We provide carpet Cleaning services in the quote at discounted price.You can select the add on options during the booking time.  You can tell us at the time of booking if you wish to get the quote for carpet stains.

Is there any hidden charges? How many hours do you take?

Once you agree with the quote and you are happy with the checklist there would not be any extra charges. We don’t charge our customers based on the hours. Time depends on the size of the house and how dirty it is. All properties are different. To maintain quality of the work we don’t charge bythe number of hours. The prices are based on the task list. Move out cleaning is aheavy duty task. On a clean day cleaner can give you an estimate before starting the clean after a site visit.

Is the ulholstery, blinds are including?

No, There are additional charges for a Blind cleaning or upholstery cleaning.

What are my responsibilities?

Yes, Electricity, Hot water and Parking are customers responsibility. We expect that the customer should have completely moved out from the property, so that cleaner can do their work without any interruption. We expect you to take your rubbish out because its hard for the cleaner to identify the rubbish. Defrost your Freezer overnight (if needed). Cleaners don’t carry any rubbish with them, they can dump at the property bin if any.

How do you gain access, if I am not available?

If possible you can leave keys at some secret place or neighbour. We can even pick them up from Estate agent and drop them back.

Do, I need to be at the property throughout the clean?

No, You do not have to be present while cleaning, you can allow us access. We would like you to come back before cleaners sign out from the property to do the final inspection to ensure you are happy with the Cleaning service.

Do your cleaners speak English?

Most of our Cleaners Speak good English, Some just Basic. But you need n’t worry you can always contact the Head Office if you have any queries.

Do you offer any Garden Service in End of Tenancy Cleaning?

Yes, We provide 10% off on the Garden services quote to our Move Out sign up customers. To make it easy  for customer can pay one invoice. Currently, we are providing this services in the Auckland only.

Do you clean mould or wall wipes, cleaning wipe in End of Tenancy Cleaning?

Mould cleaning is an extra charges . We do clean wall spot marks if any, but if you require full wall cleaning or Ceiling fly or ceiling wipes that need to be an extra charges.

What happence when anthing is Damaged?

Our cleaners are Fully Insured and bonded, if anything accidentally broken, we will pay for it and team of builders will repair damages if needed. its doesn’t affect the price or payment of the clean itself.